Understanding Violence

Even if abuse is being experienced, the victim cannot leave immediately. What could be the reasons why many who became victims of domestic violence do not leave? Let us learn the different reasons. One of it is fear of what could happen when they leave the relationship. It could be associated also with other reasons like not having money. This is also one reason they cannot leave especially if they are far from their families.

Another reason is that victims had in their mind that what they are experiencing is normal. They do not know what is a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. They also may feel embarrassed that they are a victim of abuse that is why they just endure. They may even think that it is their fault that they are in the abusive relationship. They can also have low self-esteem as a result of the abuse and may think it is their fault. It can also be the language or immigration status of the victim that they just endure.

Love is another reason people stay in the abusive relationship. They may already build a family and do not want their children to undergo the stress of separation. The abuser is charming and sweet especially when they are new to the relationship. That is why the victim does not leave as they are hoping the abuser can go back to that. It may also because of the cultural background reason that they do not leave their abusive partner.